Any Spare Change

Does she smile at you?



Genderswap Fan Art by Sakimi Chan

Maleficent more like MAGNIFICENT

Beneath The Beige

Man. I can see your beige trousers. Rolled up at the bottom. Folded up. Not rolled. I am sorry. Like a curtain slowly rising on the first night of a show. Your ankle, nervous but, flirtatiously flashing in the light. Winking at me as you stride to the bar. Is your ankle cold? Thin skin. Protruding bone. Such a delicate ankle. Roll it further. If only you would roll those beige beauties further….sorry fold.


New Tom Waits video. Can’t wait to hear the DJ play this one next time I’m at a wedding.


With support from Channel 4, we have been developing a sketch show called Death By Sade with a team of very funny women.


With support from Channel 4, we have been developing a sketch show called Death By Sade with a team of very funny women.


Ahhh Prince!

This is a sneak preview of the song ‘Hob Nobbing' that I'm currently working on from my forthcoming album 'The Biscuit Tin'. It’s pretty experimental. It means a lot to me, the song reflects mans struggles and conflicts throughout the history of time and space and angles. I hope you like it.


Reblog ya bunch a divs. 

Lou’s What Was Hot in 2011

The most anticipated pointless list of 2011 is finally here. Here is top 5 list of what was hot in 2011

Number 5:

My cup of tea.

I quite often burn myself with hot liquids. I drink a lot of tea, so the odds of a scalding are high. I can only assume that This cup of tea was boiled above the fires of hell.

Number 4:

My parents living room last week.

Seriously, the room was sweltering. The heating must have been up full. I had fleece pj’s on and there was about 8 people in the room. Terrible.

Number 3:

Paul Rudd.

He is a hot man. Here is a photo of him being hot.

Number 2:

God’s Gift.

This is without doubt the hottest book of 2011. And it cost me only a pound. But I would have paid at least another 50p for it. 

Number 1:

The curry I had at the Delhi Darbar in Bishopbriggs.

I mean, I like a hot curry. I felt extra brave and went for a curry with jalapeños in it. Wow. My mouth was hotter than a Eastenders Christmas episode.


Hope you have a lovely and Hot New Year.



At the start of October I mentioned I had approached Burnistoun’s Louise Stewart, and Misery Bear’s Nat Saunders and Chris Hayward about doing a little zombie sketch as I had access to RED’s recent Epic camera. Well this here’s the result. We had a sweet bit of luck in that Lipsync Post very kindly agreed to colour grade and dub it for us. I hope you like the results, I’m over the moon and keen to get going on a zombie film :)